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Anti-Theft Backpack
Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-Theft Backpack

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About this product: Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-theft travel backpacks are a necessity when you travel in crowded places, public transit, overnight journeys and the like. Every time we travel, we carry a piece of our cherished belongings with us – be it a special bracelet, a scarf, a note-book or a photograph.

An anti-theft backpack is made up of special slash-proof or cut-proof materials that can resist thieves or pickpockets from getting access to your valuables. They also have metal zippers and locks on them to secure your items.

Why should you get an anti-theft backpack?

-the first reason is traveling to popular places

-traveling in public transit

-identity theft can happen anywhere

-100% brand new and high quality.

-comfortable, convenient, environmentally friendly. All these designs can leave you a more comfortable experience.

-with a humanized USB charging interface design, you can easily keep your smartphone full power anytime and anywhere. That’s more convenient in your life.

-material: Canvas Internal Material: Polyester


Bag size: medium

Capacity: 20-35L

Package internal structure: ID bag, mobile phone bag, computer pocket, camera pocket

Opening method: zipper

Customer Reviews

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Pro: A spacious backpack perfect for long hikes
Cons: A bit heavy but still practical for everyday life