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Bracelet Voice Recorder 8GB
Bracelet Voice Recorder 8GB
Bracelet Voice Recorder 8GB

Bracelet Voice Recorder 8GB

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As far as hidden voice recorders go, most of them are difficult to use and require that you hide them somewhere. That's not the case for this wristband audio recorder, it looks just like a normal smart voice recording wristband!. It has 8GB built-in memory, which is more than enough to store around 96 hours of audio, and it's very easy to use, there's a single button to start recording, and save. It also supports voice-activated recording, as well as automatic recording when sound is detected. The 0.66" OLED display shows all the information you may need, and you get advanced functionalities.  

1. A key recording

2.Language Selection: Russian, Spanish, English, Turkey, Germany, French, Czech, Poland, Denish, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Indonesian, Romanian, Arabic, Hungaria, Thai, etc.
3. Sound controlled function: no sound it will be on standby, effective memory space and extend the battery life.
4. Timestamp: the machine is own with time synchronization software when the file is also recorded at a glance.
5. File Encryption software: link your computer to set your password, only you can see their own files to ensure that your privacy. Set up a simple, one-button operation
6. Fast forward fast reverse playback
7. Delete the function: do not even the computer, directly in the recording pen to delete the file. No computer in hand, you can also delete the file
8. Super hidden-this product is silent throughout the recording process, the process of no light flash, no sound



Recording mode: ADPCM recording 192Kbit, optional voice-activated recording 50DB
Recording format: MP3, WAV
Recording time: 2400 (minutes)
Maximum number of recorded files: 9
Memory card type: Expansion card is not supported
Display: OLED screen
Transmission interface: Headphones 3.5
Number of microphones: two-way
Recording distance: 5m
Video: Video shooting is not supported
Battery: Lithium battery
Shell material: ABS

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Intersante product but should mark the time.


Good product! Outstanding customer service!


Cool. as described. Recommended


The band can’t be switched it’s for left hand person