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Weareble Small Voice Recorder
Weareble Small Voice Recorder
Weareble Small Voice Recorder
Weareble Small Voice Recorder

Weareble Small Voice Recorder

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A good voice recorder is useful, but it gets even more useful when it's disguised as a pendant (heart shape) and it's difficult to spot, it has a discreet form. You can wear it everywhere, it has a nice design perfect for every occasion. It's easy to use, you have voice activation, USB disk function, all in a single voice recorder. You can recorder everything around you, for 12 hours with a single charge, the recorder is activated by any noise. It has a fashion appearance that makes it harder to spot.

  • The necklace voice recorder has an extremely mini and fashion appearance, as a kind of trimmings.
  • With its small bulk, the necklace voice recorder only has one button convenient to operate.
  • Continuous recording 12 Hours one fully charged. When you go outside or attend a long time meeting, no need to worry about low battery. So that you will not miss any important moment. 
  • The necklace recording function is activated by sound, which has strong practicability.
  • Besides, the necklace voice recorder is able to record while charging. Just connected with your computer or power bank, it can continuously record. 
  • USB Disk function, all in one design saves the cost and space.
  • With Clock IC & time stamp function




 Weight:about 8g

Power Supply:

Polymer Battery 3.7V 75mAh, Recording time about 12hours

Recording Format:



Recording Time:

4GB:about 47 hours

8GB:about 94 hours

16GB:about 188 hours

32GB:  about 376 hours

Support System:


Flash memory:

4GB—32GB( FAT32 format)

Customer Reviews

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I like the convenience of the recorder, mine the sound at first sound really distant, after I fix it to appear like a necklace I could hear better