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Professional Digital Audio Recorder
Professional Digital Audio Recorder

Professional Digital Audio Recorder

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Whether you’re venturing into podcasting, documenting conferences, or recording audio with your DSLR or mirrorless camera during video shoots, the ideal way to capture audio is through microphones. However, it’s not always a feasible choice, especially if you’re on a budget or recording on-the-go.

Fortunately, there are tons of handy audio recorders that promise to capture good sound quality. And if you don’t have any real technical knowledge in voice recorders, you can get away with a good-quality digital audio recorder that you can easily connect to your computer.
With the Professional Digital Audio Recorder, you can take the recording to the next level. You can activate recording automatically if there is sound and keep standby once sound appeared. Improving efficiency and saving memory power.
You benefit with the pull-type recording switch that can open records quickly and accurately in case of emergency recording, and can save records quickly, so as to prevent record/storage errors from occurring failure. Now audio recording it's easier than ever, using ASR intelligent speech recognition technology, it is convenient for users to archive and edit recording files on the computer, helping users to get rid of the traditional recording method of listening to mobile phones that spend a lot of time


Recording mode: PCM linear recording
Recording format: WAV
Recording time: 1200 (minutes)
Maximum number of recorded files: 9
Memory card type: Expansion card is not supported
Display: LCD screen
Transmission interface: Headphones 3.5 microphone
Number of microphones: one way
Recording distance: 5m
Video: Video shooting is not supported
Battery: Lithium battery
Shell material: zinc alloy + ABS

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Please check order #1015 to find where and when my recorder was sent. I have not received it yet. Kathy Hochderffer


Super. branded thing.




beautiful ~!


item of good voice recording and mp3 music